Acrylic Riser

The retractable nature of this series makes it easy to keep and move around when not in use.

Acrylic Tiered Stand

It's superb structural rigidity allows it to hold heavy items. Most of the sizes can fit into and IKEA Detalf.

Acrylic Display Box

A great solution to protect your items from dust and other surrounding conditions.

Acrylic Mini Cabinet

We provide mini and super mini cabinets, which can fit nicely with your limited space.

Acrylic Pet Home

Our case offers good protection for the pets you love, keeping them from external elements that may be dangerous.

Savers Range

A cost effective alternative for your display needs.

Cosmetics Display

Our stylish and sleek cosmetics holders keep everything organized for quick use.

Turntable Displays

Our rotating display turntables provide an effective ans stylish addition to your displayed items by giving a 360 degree view.

FnB Merchandising

You can find all visual tools you need for your FnB business here with us.


We know you are searching for something uncommon. Why not check this category out? You might say "finally!!!".