FnB Merchandising/Solutions

Culinary Arts

Our food display holders and props help to embrace the beauty and deliciousness of our customers’ products, especially in competitions and events.

FHA 1    FHA 4

FHA 5    FHA 10

Mixed-media Food Display

Honeycomb Display    Honeycomb display

Acrylic Colored Block 2    MBS tube 4

Macaroon Display     Beehive Display

LED light tray   LED light tray

Menu/ Flyer/ Magazine Holder

Acrylic Menu Holder Square    Magazine Holder

Tent Card Holder   wooden base tent card holder 1

A0 Stand

A0 stand   A0 stand

Poster Frame

Acrylic Frame

Mobile Sample Tray

Mobile Sample Tray    Mobile Sample Tray

Bottle Holder with LED lightings

Wine Bottle tray with LED lightings.1733


Acrylic Food Tray

MBS Rise Salad container inside ice tray.2299

Customised Trolley for FnB

Food Trolley   Food Trolley

Trolley by Chezrich

Non-Slip Serving Tray

Heavy-Duty Trolley